Sweet Auburn Music Fest 2015

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This event is hosted by The Sweet Auburn Fest. Obsessive Shoe Addict and Deeva's Den will be vending at this event. Come shop with us!

Are you looking for a day with Fun Filled Entertainment, Live Music, Great Food, National Artist, Celebrities - for FREE

Then, The Sweet Auburn Music Fest is for you!

Welcome to an outdoor music fest experience like no other! The S.A.M.F. brings together all under the universal umbrella of Good Music, with performances from diverse musical acts spanning musical genres from alternative to pop to hip-hop.

It’s The Sweet Auburn Music Fest, Atlanta’s Favorite Fall Festival.

The Sweet Auburn Music Fest highlights a diverse musical selection. It aims at bridging people through music; exposing them to new artist they may never have heard alongside some of their favorites artist from today.

The Sweet Auburn Music Fest is what you’ve been waiting for! Witness one of the most amazing music festivals to hit Atlanta and the Southeast! If you’re looking for a perfect blend of music, people, food and culture, welcome home.

From upcoming hip hop acts, to timeless R&B legends, to Rap Icons, to Alternative Greats. We have it all. Sweet Auburn Music Fest is a family gathering of Food, Fun and Music. What we love. Enjoy the food trucks, art expo and a variety for all those who attend. No other upcoming shows or music festivals in Atlanta compare to the experience you will have.

Join all of Atlanta as we celebrate our FAVORITE FALL FESTIVAL the SweetAuburn MusicFest, The People Choice, October 3-4, 2015 @ 12 noon.

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